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A lady complain about Home Affairs' service and a lawyer jumped in to help her report the matter.

South Africans seem to be unhappy with the service they receive from government facilities. Every now and then people have complaints about how bad they are treated when visiting state facilities, even though they try to share their experiences in the complaint box nothing changes, they still get the same bad treatment. 

A Twitter user who goes by the name Lefentje Mampuru shared with her followers that yesterday she visited Home Affairs and she had the worst experience, she stated that while they were in the queue waiting to be helped, the whole staff disappeared and didn't inform them if maybe they were going to a meeting or something, because this incident happen around noon they assumed they all went for lunch "Home affairs 😏😏 no one to assist us because they all went for lunch. Satafrika " she wrote.

The lady was furious because they had to wait for three hours until they received assistant again, "Three hours later only one gets help! YA NE!!" she wrote, on a serious note this is disrespect, the staff doesn't take their work serious why would they all go for lunch? they were suppose to take turns like other organizations operate.

Though some of her followers were against her complaint, they think the staff was right to leave their clients and go eat lunch, "How does it work, they work 9-5 no break? one tweep asked, another one jumped in to support her comment "They are human too, they get hungry like you and me". Then @Tsentsho1 suggested and replied them "Why they don't do rotation like all other workplaces? Have you ever found a bank closed bare ke lunch or tea break?  

A famous lawyer on Twitter who goes by the name Village Lawyer, didn't like what he read on the post, he also commented by tagging Home Affairs "This is Grolersdal. Come and explain why your employers take lunchtime at the same time and leave the people unattended" he wrote. However, people waited and waited for Home Affairs to respond to the matter but they didn't.

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