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Road Accident

WATCH: The bull nearly flipped the car

A short video of a bull going crazy left many people in shock on social media. This video was shared by a Twitter user who goes by the name of @Meech. In this video, this video can be seen spazzing out and forcefully lifting this car using its hons.

According to Kravid Virdo, who is a farmer, it is important that farmers pay attention to their livestock, and their behavior, because there are viruses that affect livestock's mental health, and what is good, is that most of them are curable. Here is the link for this cow that nearly flipped the car. "Insurance Company not gonna believe a word you say" Captioned Meech.People have shared their thoughts in the comment section. Many people were wondering what the owner of the car did to the bull. "Explain why your SUV was harassing the bull," said a Twitter user. "What did they do to make the bull that mad?" Asked a curious Twitter user.

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