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Watch: When you think you have seen it all then this happens

South Africa has to be one of the greatest countries to live in, as you see things that you will not see anywhere in the whole world. It is a county which is full of surprises and unexpected series of events. There is never a dull moment in South Africa, as there is always unexpected things happening. Just when you think you have saw everything in this country then something like this happen.

In this video we see a man who climbed to the top of a street light. The man then attempted to move the street light back and forward. The guy maybe had a death wish, as he does not seem to be even worried that the street light may break in half and could result in him being hurt or even worse he could fall and die.

Some people may say that the guy was intoxicated with drugs and the drugs may have made him climb up the street light. However seeing how comfortable the guy is on top of the street light shows how brave he is.

What the guy did may be illegal, climbing to the top of a street light but we should give him credit for what he did, as he showed how brave he is. The guy is obviously a great climber to climb to the top point of a street light is not a easy thing to do.

Many people may not be as brave as this guy was, as that may seem impossible for other people to do. The guy however made this look very easy to do without even showing any sign of fear. People should be motivated by this guy as this guy showed that there is nothing that is impossible in life. When you set your eye on a goal that you want to achieve, you should go for it without fear or doubt.

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