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People help themselves with fuel after truck overturned, See full story?


With the current prices of fuel that is up in South Africa, many people were delighted to form part of those who found the overturned truck of fuel and served them self as they please.

As you can see from the picture that these people were very much happy to have found this truck, especially because it contains fuel which is something that is of high demand in South Africa as it stands.

However government does not encourage this type of behaviour especially when something bad has happened to a company.

When people find such type of situations, the government advises them that they should actually call in emergency services so that they can come and make sure that the drivers of this particular trucks are okay.

However we do know that many people are struggling, when it comes to buying fuel, and this is something that comes as an early Christmas to them because they believe that God does not give with his physical hand.

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