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Strange:- See what these muslim ladies were caught doing on CCTV camera in a lift

Muslims are the type of people that place a high premium on their religion. They pray three times a day, arrive on time to the mosque, follow all laws, and are extremely modest.

They wear long dresses that cover all sensitive areas to avoid driving other men insane except for the husband.

The males all wear long dresses that cover their shoulder muscles, as well as their own muscles and chest, because those areas drive certain ladies insane.

It is extremely rare to observe a Muslim woman having sex in the same way as Christians do. Please do not take offense, but there are moments when we must be realistic and not always hopeful.

You will not witness a Muslim boy thrashed in public for thievery, as you will with the majority of Christians.

While some may claim to have witnessed such, they do not behave in the same way as Christians do, and a Muslim once stated that the Muslims you will see doing horrible things are not Muslims but Christians who converted to Islam.

I take issue with that since they are not all holy, and some of them commit sin. However, let us begin with the primary reason for our visit.

Two Muslim women have done something that has effectively eliminated the terms "good" and "holy" when used to describe Muslims.

They have done a sin that is expressly forbidden in the Bible. They were captured on camera kissing and engaging in homosexual or lesbian behavior in an elevator.

This is quite weird, as this is not how Muslims behave; I never anticipated a Muslim to act in this manner.

This is an abomination, made worse by the fact that they have committed a capital offense. Allah (God) created man and added women to aid us in our endeavors.

To aid with cooking and cleaning, as well as to assist us when we are horny. We should abstain from all forms of homosexuality and lesbianism since they are extremely harmful.

What are your thoughts on this?

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