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After a Zulu girl posted her pictures people exposed something behind her

Social media is a place where some people find validation. They get the satisfaction of getting likes from people when they post their pictures.

When posting pictures on social media however one needs to be very careful of their background. There are some things that can get exposed on pictures that probably the one who took them would not have been aware of.

A young beautiful girl got exposed on social media after she posted her pictures. From the first glance there are just normal photos but people zoomed in as saw something else behind her. There was a lot of dirt which made people criticise her a lot for not sweeping her background before she decided to take the photos.

The dirt kind of spoiled the pictures and amongst this dirt there was also a small paper that got the attention of many people. From the look of it people just assumed that the paper was that of a condom therefore they wondered why it was there in the first place.

An innocent post therefore turned into something else. no one was still focused on how good the young lady was in the picture but what was behind her.

This should teach young people to think when they are taking pictures. It is very necessary to analyse the background that way you will not embarrass yourself.

People's minds function in a vey different ways and they are always looking for the negatives in every positive. However sometimes it is also good to just give a deaf ear to the negatives and just focus on the positives.

Next time the young girl will sure check her background before posting any pictures as she has learnt the hard way. This should not discourage her from posting but rather she should take the criticism and be a better version of herself.

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