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VIDEO: Watch a Zimbabwean Woman Giving Birth on an Open Ground in Kariba

Once again, a pregnant Zimbabwean woman has given birth on an open ground in Kariba, 2500 Zimbabwean women die every year giving birth. That is the equivalent of 15 jumbo jets crashing, every year and killing only pregnant Zimbabwean women

The biggest Zimbabwean hospital, Harare Hospital, only has 2 maternity theaters built in 1977 by Ian Smith, only 1 is working All this caused by LOOTING of public funds. Young women, go and register to vote if you don’t want to be part of these statistics

Young men, if you don’t want to lose your wives, register to vote. And the President is buying himself an unbudgeted helicopter for personal use for 18 million, whereas Harare Hospital needs $150 thousand dollars to refurbish

But even if she was late, they should provide Ambulances service for every one who needs it anytime, that's what you call a beautiful country Zimbabwe has a long way to go

So sad and undignified for these women what a disgrace honestly. What's comforting is atleast the nurses and midwives still go above and beyond to help, despite the conditions they're subjected to work in

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