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Theft robbery

Cyril Ramaphosa head of security tried to do this on a dead POLICE for the farm robbery. Read.

The commanders' reaction came after Rhoode purportedly told the public defender enquiry into the burglary at Ramaphosa's homestead in Bela, where an undisclosed measure of US dollars was taken yet no case was opened with the police - that the fault ought to lie decisively with the late Sindile Mfazi for neglecting to execute a "full-scale examination" into the Phala ranch burglary.

"I can tell you with next to no shadow of uncertainty that this bold liar never revealed the make a difference to General Mfazi and he is currently attempting to utilize Sindile's name to conceal for the stealthy activity they directed to follow and capture the men liable for burglarizing the president's homestead," said one general, who asked not to be named in light of the fact that he isn't approved to address the media.

Five Namibian nationals broke into the ranch on February 9, 2020 and took an undisclosed measure of American dollars tracked down covered in furnishings, remembering for a sleeping pad, and Rhoode presently guarantees that he "carried the make a difference to the consideration" of Lieutenant-General Sindile Mfazi, an exceptionally enhanced official answerable for wrongdoing location, who supposedly capitulated to Coronavirus difficulties in July 2021.

In his reaction, Rhoode said: "I expected that Overall Mfazi, as a component of his full-scale examination, would follow the recommended cycle."

A resentful Sitole said he also agrees with the opinions communicated by different officers and accepts Rhoode is involving Mfazi's name for his own comfort.

"Rhoode used to report straightforwardly to me and not Mfazi. I can affirm to you that while I was a public police magistrate, Mfazi and I were never made mindful of any security break or burglary at the president's homestead.

"The facts can't confirm that the ranch burglary was brought to General Mfazi's consideration and it's basically impossible that that Rhoode might have revealed a big deal a theft at the president's home to my lesser and not tell me, his immediate leader,'' said Sitole.

Sitole added that convention directed that Rhoode would have detailed a wrongdoing of that nature recorded as a hard copy in any event, when such a matter was characterized.

"There is no such report in the police framework on the grounds that the matter was never answered to Mfazi or myself," added Sitole.

Sitole additionally discredited Rhoode's case, in his reaction to the public defender, where the official assurance administrations boss said the public police chief "approved" his outing to Namibia with Ramaphosa's emissary for Africa, Bejani Chauke, on June 25, 2020.

The Sunday Free revealed last week that Rhoode and Chauke had met with Namibian cops at a dead zone, an unbiased spot between the nations' boundary, prior to being traveled to Windhoek where Chauke met Namibian President Hage Geingob the next morning.

"At the point when I approved an outing for security obligations, it just implies that Rhoode is permitted to drive that vehicle when the president is inside it. He isn't permitted to cruise all over with the president's agent. I think misrepresentation was committed on this outing," said Sitole.

Rhoode has conceded that he was entrusted by Ramaphosa to research the burglary.

The new public police official, General Fannie Masemola, likewise affirmed in his reaction to the public defender enquiry that "no case was opened/enlisted following the supposed burglary at the president's property (on) Phala ranch."

Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane opened a request on the burglary in the wake of getting a grievance from MP and African Change Development (ATM) pioneer Vuyolwethu Zungula following a Sunday Free disclosure that assets were utilized while examining the Phala theft.

Mkhwebane then, at that point, sent a rundown of inquiries to individuals of interest, including Rhoode and Ramaphosa, who got 31 inquiries.

Yet, Mkhwebane was suspended by Ramaphosa a day subsequent to sending the inquiries and there is a parliament request right now against her for her wellness to hold office. Her attorney, advocate Dali Mpofu, needs Ramaphosa summoned to make sense of whether he suspended her due to her examination concerning the Phala burglary.

Today the Sunday Free can uncover that Rhoode, in his reaction to the public defender's inquiries, was efficient with reality and neglected to make a complete story.

He guaranteed: "It wouldn't be right to describe these meetings as cross examination, which infers a level of forcefulness."

Yet, what he didn't uncover is that the mother of Ramaphosa's homegrown specialist at the homestead, Floriana Joseph, and her sibling, David, went to the Bela police headquarters to open an instance of grabbing and torment against him (Rhoode) - the case has since "vanished from the police framework" - and that there is a photograph of David with his hands bound to his back while Rhoode was grilling him.

"Wally (Rhoode) lies without any potential repercussions. How might you guarantee that somebody whose hands you have bound behind their back elected to be evaluated?" said another police general, who asked not to be named.

Rhoode likewise guarantees that he was with Chauke on June 25, 2020 "where we headed to a dead zone and trusted that Namibian police will meet us", yet the Namibian police boss, Lieutenant-General Sebastian Ndeitunga, in his press explanation, said the gathering was on June 19, 2020 "at what is named as a dead zone close to Noordoewer, Karas district, to share functional data relating to Mr David Imanuwela and other Namibian nationals thought to have taken cash in South Africa and (to have) escaped to Namibia."

In the press explanation, that's what ndeitunga expressed "the gathering settled for the two police specialists to research the matter inside their purview".

Who is Imanuwela David

Imanuwela David is accepted to be the driving force behind the Phala burglary.

David was captured in Namibia under 24 hours after wrongfully entering the nation by taking a kayak across the Orange Waterway on June 12, 2020.

The Namibian-conceived man, who likewise held a South African character, was taking off in light of the fact that "things were getting hot".

David was kept in a Namibian prison until November of that very year and missed his wedding to a South Africa lady which was made arrangements for September.

It is accepted that he purchased properties in Cape Town and Rustenburg and extravagance vehicles and enrolled them in somebody's name.

At the point when he was captured in Namibia, David was found possessing a Label Heuer watch worth N$28 000, a Rolex watch worth N$ 280 000, and a gold chain worth N$163 000 as well as 11 US$100 notes and four cellphones.

He supposedly paid off previous Public Fishing Enterprise of Namibia (Fishcor) Chief Paulus Ngalangi and a police sergeant, Hendrik Nghede, to ship him to Windhoek after he had wrongfully entered Namibia. Ngalangi and Nghede were captured and expected to go being investigated in August.

David conceded to two charges on November 13, 2020 - for entering Namibia wrongfully and for neglecting to pronounce products he brought into the nation - and was requested to leave the country in something like 48 hours of his delivery.

Rhoode, in light of the public defender, likewise neglected to reveal that he at first captured David at a house in Milnerton, Cape Town on Walk 31, 2020 subsequent to utilizing a made up drug dealing case to strike the property.

A state grabber, worked by two cops who were made to drive from Pretoria to Cape Town, was likewise used to follow and ping David to the house in Milnerton.

Rhoode delivered David, who was additionally tormented, with hands bound behind his back, and cross examined, after he gave up a portion of the cash that was taken at Phala. During the cross examination, David was blamed for taking $20 million from the homestead.

Yet, Rhoode, in his reaction, denied "information on any cash or things got from the returns of the cash taken from the homestead being recuperated".

He likewise said he and Chauke, Ramaphosa's emissary, were flown in a state helicopter to Windhoek, where Chauke had a gathering with Geingob the next morning without including him.

The Namibian Monetary Political dissidents (NEFF) agent president in Namibia, Kalimbo Iipumbu, said yesterday that the party would connect with global associations to guarantee that Geingob was appropriately researched for his job in the Phala conceal.

Namibian President Hage Geingob. Picture: Kopano Tlape, GCIS

"The constitution in Namibia doesn't consider a sitting president to be explored for any wrongdoing. Our leader can today get a weapon and shoot somebody dead, he won't confront the pole of the law. In Namibia, our leader is exempt from the rules that everyone else follows, subsequently we need to connect with global associations to ensure that our leader is appropriately researched for his job in this Phala outrage," Lipumbu said.

At the point when the embarrassment broke in June, the NEFF mentioned the nation's ombudsman, Basilius Dyakugha, to explore claims that Geingob was embroiled in a supposed concealment in the Phala outrage.

However, Dyakugha informed the NEFF that he can't explore Geingob.

The burglary became public information when previous State Security chief general Arthur Fraser opened a lawbreaker body of evidence against Ramaphosa at the Rosebank police headquarters in Johannesburg.

Fraser, in his testimony to the police, asserted that Rhoode trained Ramaphosa to pay the five burglars R150 000 each not to uncover subtleties of the burglary to the general population.

Mfazi's family smelled a rat following his demise a year ago. They didn't acknowledge starting reports that he had passed on from Coronavirus difficulties and had his body uncovered for an examination.

It has now been affirmed that Mfazi was harmed after carbon monoxide was found in his blood when tests were directed.

Recently police representative Colonel Athlenda Mathe affirmed that there is continuous examination concerning Mfazi's demise.

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