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The Top 5 Things people looted during the protests, and why they matter. Opinion.

Even though many people have already forgotten it, the July riots and looting didn't happen so long ago. In fact many businesses are still trying to recover from it. However to jog your memory I have put together a list of the top five things that were looted during the riot. This top five things isn't necessarily the best things. Instead they are things we should keep a special eye on, as it tells us a lot about the people who stole it.

The Rama fridge looting seems to have been a team effort. A group of people who really wanted a fridge and decided to get one. However if we take a look at the background, this seems to be from a local shop. Small shops like these provide a convenient way for the community to buy food without them travelling to supermarkets. They often also give people account, which they can pay back at a later time. Sadly stores like this are often not covered by insurance and the fact that this one was looted tells us a lot about the degree of community loyalty here.

A lot of people looted food, it's obvious that South Africans are hungry because of the state of the economy. Sadly the reality of the situation is that this food is now long gone and the economy is worse off because of the looting.

The gluttony in this image says a lot. Instead of stealing the cake, this man stood in the midst of the chaos and ate it. This seems like it would be a good metaphor for South Society.

Here we see people help themselves to an entire sheep. I hope he was planning to start a farm with it, if he ate it he would just be another criminal with nothing to show for his crimes.

Some people went for electronics, and while I don't support it, it seems that this was there smartest move as electronics hold there value for a long time. Sadly, a big screen television means nothing when the country has gone back to starving.

During the looting we saw what would happen when people are left unchecked. They abandoned their morales and decided to join in the criminal behavior. I hope it was worth it for these people as not the economy is worse off and many jobs have been destroyed. What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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