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SAD|| Man Aged (35) Brutally Murdered A (6) Year Old Girl, This Is What He Did To The Child.

Parents are left shocked after the heartbreaking incident that happened to a 6 year old girl.

Parents need to be more aware about what strangers do to their children.Apparently the man believed to be (35) used to buy Boity sweets everytime she comes back from school with her friends.According to the statement, the (6) year old once told her sister that there is man buying her sweets and calls her "Mshana".But the sister said she never took the matter seriously, now grade 1 learner is no more and the man is unknown.

Seemingly the man had plans with the (6) year old a while ago as her friends confirmed that the man used to touch Boity's private parts.Apparently the unknown man was luring the kids by buying them sweets so they can be comfortable around him and get the chance to rape them.

The man disappeared after raping the little girl and brutally murdered her.Parents are left with broken hearts as the man is unknown and the police cannot trace him.It is very sad that the (6) year old lost her precious life in such a horrific way and the suspect is not even known.The incident has brought alert to many parents that they should always pay attention to what their kids tell them.Eventually the (6) year old said something about the man yet they never took it seriously.Parents have to listen to what their children say to them and never take any of it lightly like what the sister of Boity did.

It is heartbreaking that the very same man the Boity used to talk about has killef her and her parents do not know anything about him.The Police have opened a case of rape, murder and investigations will take place.

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Source: Bushbuckridge Media

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