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‘Sad moment || Bodies ROT due to faulty generator at Ga-Rankuwa mortuary

The malfunctioning generator at the state mortuary in Ga-Rankuwa is causing bodies to rot, and the load shedding that is currently being conducted by Eskom is making the situation even worse. 


As a result, bereaved families have been left traumatized as the bodies of their deceased loved ones have deteriorated, according to Jack Bloom, the shadow MEC of health for the Democratic Alliance in the province of Gauteng. 

Bloom claims that there has been an issue with the functioning of the emergency generator ever since February of this year. 

The Member of the Executive Council for Health, Nomathemba Mokgethi, admitted that the generators were not working properly. At the Ga-Rankuwa state mortuary, preparations needed to be made for the arrival of deceased patients. 

"An emergency generator that is not functioning properly has contributed significantly to the current predicament, which includes frequent load shedding and electricity reductions in the Ga-Rankuwa area. In the event of loadshedding, bodies are placed in freezer storage for a short period of time before being removed early in the morning for post-mortem examination. 

the Member of Provincial Executive Council stated in her written responses to the Gauteng legislature. 

This began on the 26th of February, when an Eskom substation collapsed, causing a backup generator to fail. Instead, the bodies were moved to the facility of the Pretoria Forensic Laboratory Service the following day.

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