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Road Accident

Truck hijackers do not hesitate to open fire see video caught by the Dashcam

Truck driver dodges bullets after an attempt of truck hijackers attacked him while driving, he was vigilant enough to duck down in time before the open fire.

The suspect vehicle was coming on the other direction or other lane as the driver was playing is music and enjoying, the drive he spotted two suspects coming out of the sun roof of the suspects vehicle holding guns.

He immediately duck down the shots that were fired at him through the window missed because he went under the staring wheel, that act saved his life and always drive vigilant on the highway drivers get hijacked in South Africa this day.

The suspect targets tucks too for the goods they are transporting, the truck driver was vigilant and this is an advise to other truckers. To always look at the on coming cars to act fast.

According to the statement that was taken the victim said he was frightened by the incident, he wasn't expecting it to happen to him but glad that he survived without any injuries.

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