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Tragic: husband & wife accused headmaster of using their child for this.

In a video shared on YouTube, a husband and wife accuse the headmaster of using their child for money rituals.

Patiently enduring in this world is crucial for surviving, and as such, we must display it in our daily lives. It does happen from time to time that we overreact to situations that are not supposed to be that way in the first place. The false accusation of others frequently results in their imprisonment; however, over the course of the investigation, it is discovered that the accused individual had nothing to do with the crime in issue.

According to a video uploaded on social media, an unidentified Ghanaian couple was caught on secret camera lying down on the floor and and accusing headmaster of using their child for rituals...

After their child failed to board their school bus home after failing to arrive on time, the couple's spouse, who was lying on the floor begging the man, allegedly accused the man who serves as their ward's head master of exploiting their child for a money ritual after the child failed to board their school bus home after failing to arrive on time.

As a result, the child's parents, who claimed that he was exploiting their child for money rituals, approached the headmaster, who reported the matter to the police, who then started on a search for the child. It has been reported that the youngster has been located; however, following an investigation, the authorities have established that the headmaster was absolutely uninformed of the child's disappearance and had no knowledge of it at all. After conducting a police inquiry, the headmaster was given permission to file a defamation lawsuit against the couple, claiming that they had acted in self-defense.

When asked about their financial inability to appear in court with the headmaster, the pair replied that they did not have the financial means to do so and that they were sorry for accusing him falsely. Considering your position as headmaster, would you be willing to forgive them or would you continue to pursue legal action against them for bringing a bad odor to your school's reputation?

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