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WATCH| Painful Videos Of What Is Currently Happening In Free State Streets And Homes


Someone from the weather bureau should assist the public in understanding how floods have reached South African homes when was the tsunami, and what the height of the deluge is.

If not, then the government has to plead for assistance from a plumber and drainage expert, even a safety officer. Flooding in homes can't only happen for no apparent reason, and once again, the ANC is at fault.

The government has not only failed to patch potholes on damaged roads but has also failed to conduct maintenance on the drainage system. Substandard infrastructure is once again in the spotlight, and sadly this will not only affect drivers but pedestrians and homeowners as well.


Video clips of the flood crisis that Free State dwellers are going through have gone viral. In the clips, floods can be seen on all major roads, where some drivers were swift away by the water and others stuck below angry floods.

What may look like a stormwater drainage failure has led to residents of Free State dealing with floods inside their homes, where floods have not only entered their yards but their bedrooms, kitchens, and sitting rooms, making it impossible for them to be inside their homes.

Public's Opinion

According to the public's opinion, Free State residents are not the only ones facing a crisis but the whole country because tons of water is being wasted due to the state of the country's infrastructure. If the government constructed dams, then most of the water could have been saved.

Author's Opinion

The government needs a strategy to build the economy and accelerate development for its people. It is heartbreaking that most people that are affected by floods are poor people especially those from the villages because the government has failed to give them subsidies for drainage systems.

A lot of the poverty is aided by leaders, both at the political level as well as the bottom of the pyramid. The ANC-led government has destroyed the productive culture it inherited from the previous government. Suddenly, everything is destroyed but there has not been anything done to fix the damage.

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