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"In CT, stuff in homes are Malawians, restaurants stuff Zimbabweans, security guards DRC: Rob Hersov

I think this statement by these white people incite xenophobia, maybe Julius Malema was right that, these white people are the ones responsible for our division as black people. It can not be true that all restaurant workers, all security guards, and all home workers, definitely they can not be all, but some. This statement is very xenophobic, and it shows that white people hate other Africans. They themselves are foreigners in South Africa and they do not have a right to criticize other foreigners. I have heard most of our foreign brothers and sisters complaining about the treatment that they get from white police and white home affairs officials.

Most of the black South Africans that are doing toy toy, burning and fighting their fellow African brothers and sisters, they just do not know that they are doing the dirty work of the apartheid masters. This people still have a way to control the minds of black people. They have figured our a way to control the mind of a black person. This is the reason why Julius Malema maintains his statement. He knows who the real enemy is, Luck Dube sang a song, "the enemy will stand aside and look, while we kill our own brothers! that song was prophetic.

We have always been a people who have allowed somebody to think for us. The issue of seeing each other as enemies started with the education system that they introduced, all that was to suppress the mind of a black person. All what education teaches us is to compete with one another. This spirit grows between one another that we can kill, bewitch and do all that we can to be ahead of others. Most white people do not have degrees but they are successful, they gave us a secret that does not work, themselves they know that success comes through unity, they build each other while we tear each other apart because we want to be better than the other person.[0]=AZXqB2mihIWtWrKTDwkAyR7HFvhVq68Y2bzte7UnJwH8qneCOTWyhpGrYEM_D5I6iqvLbQTVMPZrft-KSaWP32ZhzkhAO7ODYm_sgfPryXnkkjYwOHtJ3reqLdkLYK0XjgNrFWGPqrq7HFbCreeS7Pz9PRCjX_OepEsicLY6smXZQ_03Q9YuFAveC2a_6Rtvka0&__tn__=%3C%3C%2CP-R

"In the Cape, all staff in people's homes are Malawian, all restaurant workers are Zimbabweans, all security guards are Congolese. If those countries turn around those people might go back." Rob Hersov on SA unemployment.

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