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Man Goes Viral For Being Buried In A Bottle Shaped Coffin.

Just when you think you have seen it all in life, a man gets buried in a beer bottle coffin. It makes you wonder who came up with this idea and why?

Social media users were surprised and had mixed reactions when @kakambubwa1 an IG user posted this viral video on his page. The video shows a normal funeral but with a coffin that is hand-crafted to look identical to that of a beer bottle.

Some people think that the man who passed away loved beer so much that he requested his family members to bury him in a bottle shaped coffin. However, @kakambubwa1 disclosed that he is not sure if the the deceased wanted to be buried in such a casket or the family is the one who wanted it.

And even though we will never know why this happened, it surely did catch our attention. The casket design is truly astonishing because it captures the last details of a Star Lager beer drink. And clearly a lot of work and money went into the design.

So what do you think mzansi? Is this a nice concept or just too much? And also do you think that the person who passed away wanted this coffin or did his family choose it for him? Please comment below.

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