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Allegedly|| Police Uncovered A R77 Million Somalians Factory Which Makes Fake Goods

It looks like Somalians are now taking centre stage in this country and all of them for the wrong reasons. One can understand that this is what they do. Being in a country illegally and then being engage in illegal things and nothing happens to them is just what they do. This is the daily life of these people. They are so free in a country that they came in illegally and they are free to do illegal things in the country and nothing happens to them. But this does not come as a surprise because the police themselves are taking bribes from these people.

It has been said that Haarswart police has uncovered a R77 million Somalian factory which makes various fake goods. They make things like yeast, rice and Robertson spices. We know that this has been operating for a long time now and the police have known about it. But because of bribes, they could not do anything about it. They just let them do as they please. The love of money will be the end of this country. This country is being sold bit by bit and by the time people are aware of this, it will be too late.

For the longest time people like this have been exposed and nothing happens to them. Even these one will be back in business very soon. They will make bribes and they will be released. They might not even make it court. It is about time that South Africans do things for themselves. As long as they keep on buying from these people, they create demand and they will always find a way on how to make these fake product and sell to the masses. South Africans should stop buying from these people and only then, there will be an opportunity to get rid of them.

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