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Warning | police shot and killed a 17-year-old

Florida police shot and killed a 17-year-old after the kid coordinated an air-controlled pellet firearm at police and traffic last Saturday during the evening. The kid was gunned somewhere near two officials with a tempest of shots. 

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Video appears to show teen with Airsoft gun yell 'shoot me' at officers before being shot - YouTube


As indicated by the report, the kid, distinguished as Alexander King, apparently rioted in Springs to point his huge rifle at bystanders and drivers. 

Police were before long called to the scene as the terrified public felt that King was conveying a genuine firearm to convey a mass firing. 

Rather than dropping his firearm when he was stood up to by the cops, King purportedly pointed his rifle at the police and surprisingly said "shoot me." 

He was lethally shot multiple times. 

An inward examination uncovered that the two officials who killed King for pointing the pellet firearm at them have been set on paid managerial leave. 

"Our musings and petitions go out to the loved ones of Alex King," Young advertised. "Our musings and petitions are with the officials and their families as they, as well, manage the result of this occasion," Chief Young said. 


In the meantime here in Mzansi, West Rand kindling authorities found paralyzed explosives in a veld. The people group before long called police who showed up to reveal a stockpile of weapons in a shallow grave. 

"It is affirmed that on October 21, 2021, at around 10 am, individuals, were gathering kindling in the veld when they coincidentally found a pack of paralyzing projectiles," Gauteng police representative Colonel Dimakatso Sello said. 

Teenage boy shot dead after pointing pellet gun at police (

The officials discovered AK-47s, guns, excellent magazines, and over 1,000 ammo adjusts.

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