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Witchcraft Is Real, See What A Family Woke Up To In Limpopo This Morning (see pics)

As much as the issue of the existence of witchcraft is one big confusing issue for a lot of us for it can't be and it has not been scientifically proven to exist, Truth is quite a lot of people has had some real life situations which proves the existence of whichcraft especially in the Limpopo province and in a lot of this prophetic churches wereby those who are in the witchcraft stuff go for deliverance, However all that has still not been enough to convince people that it does exist.witch

So now if you are part of those doubting the existence of witchcraft let me quickly take you through what a family woke up to in Limpopo Bochum this morning, Refer to the pics attached below

According to my source:

What happened this morning in indermark in marobjane in limpopo was that a family woke up to a rabbit stuck and helpless within thier yard this morning and giving the rabbit some rapid looks,The rabbit was found not to be like any other regular rabbit, The rabbit looked like one of those who get sent by thier masters to go and cast spell on people's homes, This rabbit had some beads and a doek as pictured on the pics I attached for you above and now the worst part of all this was that the stuff it was wearing was those of sangoma's and witch doctors, 

So now I being found trapped and helpless like this,It got community members coming in numbers and some starting some romours that who ever it was sent to was spiritually powerful than it and its sender and now it should be burnt to death.Besides all those rumors more people have been talking about this situation on social media as well.Refer to the screenshots below to see what more people had to say about this whole situation.

So now with all this being said do you still doubt the existence of witchcraft, If yes how do you explain the fact that the rabbit was dressed in doeks and beads,I mean rabbits do not wearing clothes and can't even wear beads as well and we all know that they are one of the fastest animals, So it's being stuck and helpless like this as people come to it what do you have to say about all that,?

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