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'This Is What The Soweto Residents Woke Up To

The community members were really shocked to discover that a man in the area had been embroiled in some kind of serial killings, well the investigations are still yet to be conducted.

However, it was discovered that the man was having body parts inside his refrigerator and this has caused an alarm which had caused law enforcements to swoop in and apprehend him before he could bring any harm to another member of our society.

At the moment the suspect has not been connected to other killings that have been occurring in the area we are still yet to see the full nature of the investigations of law enforcers and how deep this suspect really goes into ensuring that he gets the body parts, the community of Protea Glen is completely shocked clear by the actions of the suspect.

Upon the suspects realizing that the police was onto him he tried to kill himself because he felt like he couldn’t stand the trauma of having to face the law enforcements and the sentencing, due to the attempt to take the easy way out (suicide) we can assume that the suspect has a considerable rap sheet that will have him locked up for many years in prison if not for life.

The suspect trued to escape to the heavens, this is in the wake of Rosemary Ndlovu’s incarceration which has some serial killers shaken by the prospect and they have since made resolutions to ensure that they never get caught however we are still yet to see the result of the actions of these individuals.

We know that eventually the suspects will get apprehended and there's nothing that can be done about it which is the unfortunate part of it for them, however for the normal ordinary members of the public we’re hoping that the law enforcers really do their job and arrest these perpetrators of crimes and bring them to justice.

Body parts found in a fridge in Protea Glen Ext 26, Soweto. Suspect tried to commit suicide upon police arrest.

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