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Theft robbery

"They used Muti on me before Scamming me "

A man took to Social media to share the tragedy he went through when he was robbed on his last cents. He also went on to say that he suspects he was bewitched because he only realized after that he was being robbed.

He went on to say:

"Yes🤧 this guy came to me and asked me to go withdrawal money(with his card) from Nedbank, and said his car broke down. So he can't leave it there unattended, I agreed 😪. He took out the card and gave it to me, also the pin. As I was walking away from him, he called me back....."

"...and said he doesn't trust that i will come back with his money, and he suggested that I give him my phones for assurance. 

I gave him 2 phones, and when I was on the way, I thought nooo marn this guy is shaya shaying me.😰😨i went back......he wasn't there.Thats how i lost.."

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