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A man got viciously electrocuted during a fight at Shacks opposite Oaklands Drive in Oaklands, KZN

(Picture : illegal connection)

Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) members were called for assistance at an informal area opposite Oaklands Drive in Oaklands (KwaZulu-Natal Province) after its alleged that a man got electrocuted by an illegal electricity connection during a fight.

According to the Reaction Unit South Africa news report, on Sunday, 15 May 2022 a man was involved in a fist fight with an unknown person, and he got pushed to the ground and fell on to an illegal electricity connection, he immediately became unresponsive and residents called Reaction Unit South Africa members for assistance at around 23:19 pm.

Reaction Unit South Africa members and Medics arrived at the scene, after examining the body of the victim they found that he suffered electrical burns to his chest and abdomen, he was declared deceased after showing no signs of life, residents at informal settlements opposite Oaklands Drive in Oaklands told RUSA officials that the second person involved in the fight fled the scene.

Anyone who has information which could lead to his apprehension should contact the saps phone number or report the information at the nearest police station.


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