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'This Is What The Was Found At A Home In The Middle Of The Night

The video shows an incident where police officers are chasing an old lady out of a house where they found her, they are heard asking her what she is doing on that house especially inside a car. The old lady seems very confused and embarrassed after police just went to chased out of that house without even showing any concern if she is okay mentally or not. Apparently the lady went missing immediately after this incident and her family is still looking for her, on the Facebook comments one of her family members got angry when another commenter said this woman was there to be which the family.

The family member described her as a very beautiful woman who would not do such a thing and people should never judge her, she mentioned that the old lady did not return home since that day and obviously she's probably confused and she went to another place. People do not understand dementia which is a mental illness and many old people struggle with that people always accuse them of witchcraft. When you look at this video, the sad part is that the police officer even threatened to spray her with the pepper spray when she was refusing to get out of the car.

Then the other one claimed that he will not be able to sleep after seeing her because she is obviously a witch according to him. You can imagine the kind of pain that the family is going through after seeing such a video and even worse now that their loved ones missing after this incident. Police are supposed to know better and protect citizens of the country, it would have been better if they took her and kept her until her family found her. Clearly they just took her for the night and released her because her family is still looking for her.

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