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Theft robbery

Zimbabwean Suspects Rob A Motorist On Troye Street JHB, CBD. Commissioner and Nugget Street

Troye Street JHB CBD (between Commissioner and Nugget Streets), Daylight robbery is a regular occurrence in the CBD.

The video footage shows an incident where an unknown number of suspects are pulling off a robbery at the traffic light stop on the road this robbery was done on a motorist, who had his windows open making it easy to access inside his vehicle that's why the suspects took the opportunity to lean inside the vehicle and opened the door.

They proceeded to take the available valuable items of the victim at gunpoint - about four suspects were looting inside the vehicle at that moment, and it seems like no one was coming to the aid of the victim as ordinary members of the public and motorists just passed by as if they were also trying to avoid getting robbed.

this is the reality of the life in the Johannesburg Central Business district and in other places around the country where perpetrators of crimes are ruling and reigning supreme, when police officers are just around the corner but are not doing anything to stop the robberies in these hot spots.

This is the reason why ordinary members of the public have themselves to trust, and that is why it is much more ideal to rely in yourselves in order to prevent the perpetrators of crimes from robbing you because chances are you will one day have a brush with the suspects who are perpetrating robberies because of such a high crime rate and a higher unemployment.

Another thing which members of the public can do to prevent themselves from getting mugged is to always close the windows whenever they are driving, and try to rely on the air conditioner inside the vehicles because there are criminals everywhere on the road.

Content created and supplied by: Black_Kermit (via Opera News )

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