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The government payed for the mass funeral for the young souls lost at Enyobeni pub last week.

People are left furious after furious because of what the government is doing for the children who lost their lives at Enyobeni pub last week. The children passed on while they went to celebrate a pens down event.

They saw a poster of the massive pens down event and decided to go attend the event. Everything was going smooth , drinks and food were free. The problem started around 1 am when the music was switched off , lights were switched on and off aswell.

After a few seconds there was a certain smell in the pub , children started to panic and others were struggling to breath. Others jumped out of the balcony to save their lives and others were collapsing. It is then announced that 21 of the children lost their lives, the youngest was 13 and the oldest was 17 years.

The government took responsibility for the burial and people are furious because the government failed to bury children who were going to school , they lost their lives while they tried to cross a river. A river which was full and it does not have a bridge.

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