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Take a look at what a half-naked drunk lady did at the gas station.


Too much happiness might be dangerous at times. Particularly when the individual is under the influence of drink or drugs. Some who have a better understanding of alcohol and the human mind claim that it alters a person's behavior and can cause one to lose his or her mind while alcohol is present in the body.

I tend to agree with the above mentioned view on what alcohol does to the human body after watching a video that is now trending of a lady who was drunk and half naked at a gas station.

The lady driving a gray-white VW Polo pulled over to the gas station to fill up her tank. Lady ran off and started dancing all over the ground, making noise, leaving her own party outside for everyone to watch while the petrol attendant was busy preparing to pour petrol.

She even went to the Males gas station personnel and twerked for them, ensuring that they touched her behind.

The lady was very inebriated, and she was still drinking and smiling at the time.

"Eiii Mokone wea guys can't be sexually harassed," Motomo says, "but I'm concerned about the condition of affairs in this country...we have lost all sorts of self respect due to substance misuse, which is quite common in tarvens around the country."

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