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Our Police are Ready to Offload Live Bullets on You, Zim Man Give Reason He Cannot Face ZanuPF

The political and economic collapse in Zimbabwe is a serious concern for the country's inhabitants, who have endured rejection and opposition in other nations where they are viewed as a burden.

Today, Zimbabweans found themselves in the very same scenario in South Africa. Operation dudula was founded because many South Africans view Zimbabweans as rivals in their country. The group has been advocating for restricted immigration in South Africa; especially, they have repeatedly warned Zimbabweans to leave South Africa and return to their home country.

Concerned Zimbabwean Twitter user Bla Enzo wrote that Zimbabwean nationals are prepared to confront the ZanuPF regime, but the issue at hand is that Zimbabwean police are willing to shoot anyone who opposes the current leadership.

He acknowledges that this is a factor preventing Zimbabweans from taking action against the regime of Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The actual comment made by Bla Enzo on Twitter reads: "It is difficult to oppose ZanuPF, especially in the presence of a large number of police eager to fire live ammunition at you. We are in poor hands ".

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