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Road Accident

These pictures are a clear indication that people can go brain fart

Some things just happen and you ask yourself how did it even get there. We know that having a car can be considered a very big achievement for many people depending on how you see life, but some people seem to be not ready to have cars.

In some cases, one can say that people are just being brain fart because of the way they act, but sometimes it is just about not having a required skill. In this article today we will be talking about cars that we're packed in a most unusual or rather strange manner. It is almost common sense that when you find things being placed in a certain way, you would also follow the pattern but with the drivers of these cars, they were just went with the flow.

This is master parking. The person can't even see how the other cars are parked.

I wonder where this one is going, just hope that the train won't come from the other end.

Parking 101

Whatever you might call this, creativity is part of it. They saw that the car won't fit in should it be parked normally and they came up with a master plan.

How did it get here?????


A police van bumping another police can. Just wonder who will be liable for the damage.

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