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Husband and wife relationship

A wife will rather save two snails than cook her husband clean food

It is the wife's responsibility to ensure her husband's well-being; one of the wife's responsibilities is to cook for her spouse. A wife turned to her Twitter account to report what was going on in her household. This came as a surprise as she confessed that she cooked a cabbage with two nails, and her husband was pleased, claiming the cabbage was tasty. According to this lady, who is also a wife, the two nails are always earing leaves in her fridge. She sees nothing wrong with having nails in her fridge; perhaps she has a solid reason.

I put the cabbage there without realizing it. So we drove them to the ditch. I hope they make it.

The lady is concerned that these two nails would live after she removed the spinach from the fridge. Share your thoughts on the subject. Remember to like, share, and comment on this story.


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