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At 1 Month Old, His Mother Left Him Next to A River but Now He is Doing Wonders

Date: 29/11/21



There are a lot of children that are abandoned in South Africa every day. Parents who feel like they cannot afford to be parents choose to either throw the kids away or just leave them somewhere for someone else to find. This has been a silent pandemic in the country but there is great hope because some of these children are found by people who are caring and they eventually grow up and make something of themselves. One man from Limpopo has shocked the country after he came from being thrown away by his mother to opening a big business.


According to a report that was written about him, this main hails from the Limpopo province, dispite all odds, he has become a very successful man. Below is his story as written by Kasi Economy on Twitter:

"Baby dumped on Limpopo River now owns a successful detergents company

Moses Nyathi was abandoned in the bush along Limpopo River in Beitbridge by his mother when he was only a month old.

His company, Lasuru Detergents is named after Lasaru Orphanage, an orphanage he grew up in."


This story gives hope to thousands of South Africans who have grown up without parents or who are going through similar situations. It is not your background that determines your future at the end of the day given the fact that the right opportunities present themselves to you. Even though this man is still starting out he has gotten the support of many people around his community because they know where he comes from and how much she wants to change the world. People need to learn a thing or two from this man and stop using their background as an excuse to not succeed.

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