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Beware of these scammers at malls

It's almost Christmas time, already the shops are busy with decorations and we are all busy making sure we get Christmas clothes and grocery ready. Most of us have already saved up the right amount of money to spend during the festive season and others are hoping to buy on discount or are simply waiting for Black Friday next month.

Once we are up and down trying to get ready for Christmas, thiefs are also getting ready. One Facebook user took to social media to warn people of the crime that is busy happening to customers in stores as she was almost a victim. It is alleged, people claim to work at stores and promise to buy products for customers with their staff discounts. And once you fall for it and give them your money they disappear with it.

The user by the name Kate Maseko posted, "Guys is xmas time now malls are full of crooks. Yesterday I went to Ackerman in three rivers to buy some bras. While looking at them suddenly there was a lady chating about sizes of bras we want are not available. She offered to get someone from the store who can get them for us from the stockroom, she Phoned the lady within a minute she was standing next to me offering herself to help me. To my surprise she asked for a size i gave her my size. Then she told me to follow her to check the bras and she will buy them with a staff price for me. Unfortunately from  where I was standing from the bras stand she took a direction to the entrance door while I was expecting her to the stockroom of which it's entrance was about 2m from us. Another thing is the first lady that introduced me to this one just disappeared. Be for I could move an inch, something came into my mind that no man, this are crooks. Immediately I turned to a staffmember in uniform of Ackerman shouting and asking her if this crook works in the store, the respond I got is no no no immediately the staffmember called a security to arrest the lady crook. Please be careful when shopping at malls"

Others agreed with the poster and also decided to share their own experiences hoping others will be wary of these scammers at malls.

One lady who was also almost scammed shared her experience, posted, "samething happened to me until we walked out the store and I was told to hand over my handbag to the 'Ackermans lady' and I thought to myself no man they are ripping me off so I told them I needed to go back into the store I'll be back, when inside alerted the store and they confirmed it's crooks and called my sister to pick me up, I was traumatised. "

Another lady shared her experience too and posted a comment that," Happened today in our mall a lady was in pnp and 3 guys approached her and said they know where it's cheaper and she followed them outside the mall and they robbed her of her money phone and even her weave she came running in saying they robbed her but they were gone already. Please be careful. "

Please be careful when you are busy doing your shopping, if the person approaching you is not wearing uniform but claims to be workong at the store, know that it is a scam. Most have lost their possessions this way and we hope you will be on the lookout for this scammers when you are busy getting ready for the festive season.

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