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Residents Of Province Be Warned; See What These Men Are Doing In Samrand Ave Bridge

Stealing, Killing and raping are crimes punishable by the law if found guilty, although these illegal behaviors are in the red book in South African courts some people still do it everyday.

If you can remember the story of the Zamazamas, the deadly cult group who indulge in stealing, raping, Killing, including Illegal Minning in mzansi, although some of them have been arrested and charged to court, many of them are still into Illegal Minning till date.

According to a reputable news source, Three suspected criminals who are into smash and grab at samrand Ave bridge in gauteng Province. The citizens of province have been warned to avoid slowing down for people who wear masks and black attire for any reason in other to avoid being a victim.

Looking at the news, one question will definitely be running through your mind; You might want to ask why the police are not doing enough to stop criminals from terrorising south Africa? although the police are doing everything to stop this terrible things from happening but you should know that there's no country with out criminals, there's no country without people who indulge in illegal movement, I think South Africa will be one of the best countries one day but we have to give our police officers time to analyze and come up with a plan on how to defeat crime.

Many people have reacted to this news, some said the evil happening in South Africa is growing rapidly and should be stopped immediately while others advised drivers to be very careful of what they do.

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