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Road Accident

Truck Driver Kills People After Doing This At An Intersection

The video footage shows an incident where a tipper truck driver is seen making a turn at an intersection, it is quite clear that it is the victim who has right of way who is the driver of the SUV that came and crashed on the side of the truck, the driver of the truck could be seen coming close to turn and instead hesitating but chose to take that turn.

It is unclear if he didn’t notice that it was speeding but it was and the driver of the car who unfortunately couldn’t avoid the truck, despite the truck driver having turned the vehicle to make the turn on top of that.

Many people have died because of such truck drivers who have no regard for human life who just decided that they will just turn even if there are vehicles which are approaching, that is why ordinary members of the public have to by all means not put all their faith on other motorists.

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