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Check Out:Bra Sikes Found Leeto In Johannesburg See What He Did To Him

Top Buzz:See What Bra Sikes Is Going To Do To Maputla's Family Check Out Here 

Bra Sikes is ready to strike the Maputla house 

Bra Sikes is Noah's dad and he has not been happy since the time finding that Leeto and his family did to Noah and Mokgadi. 

Bra Sikes has endeavored to get into the Maputla supermarket yet plainly he fail to do accordingly. 

Leeto is surely sure that it is Bra Sikes doings, since he has an arrangement wih the Maputla house he is at this point their lone foe. 

Precisely when Leeto expected to move to Joburg then Bra Sikes strikes, does this mean he needs a thought from Leeto straight up? 

Bra Sikes understands that the Maputla house love their corner shop that is the explanation it is his first target he understands that the Maputla plenitude comes from that store. 

Leeto has no substitute method of staying in Turf to oversee what his family will continue with Bra Sikes considering the way that it appears like hings they will change for the Maputlas. 


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