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Woman Wants to Freeze Herself, So That She'll live Forever - OPINION

There is a woman named Linda. She stays in the desert of Arizona USA. Miss Linda would like to live forever this is because she's very scared of death. She's even afraid of living her home in case anything happens.

Linda came up with an idea to beat the cycle of life which is birth and death, she wants freeze herself. Wait until science cures her illness, get unfrozen and live again.

Linda is 70 years old, she has gray hair already, weak knees and other health problems. She says that the body she'll have in future will be non-biological meaning she'll be some kind of a robot.

This definitely sounds like a fictional movie but Linda was obsessed with her idea in such a way that she hired real scientists with PhDs. She created the whole company just to freeze her body.

Linda says that she'll be cryopreserved, this process involves removing all the blood in the body. And replace it with anti-freeze. Anti-freeze helps prevent cell damage.

The body is then stored inside the cold tank. And can sit there for decades. This procedure cost $200 000. Cryonics can be explained as an emergency medicine.

Where by really cold temperatures are used to help save a person's life. Lots of famous people wanted to be froze after death these includes Walt Disney.

Would ever get your hody frozen after death to live forever? Many celebs have done it but the question is would you? Please share your views with us on a comment section below section below.

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