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My Dad Still Locks The Gate At 6PM, 30-Year-Old Woman Says She Had To Run Home

A lady revealed that she was at her sister's place, who lives 4km away from her father. Apparently from the looks of things the father is someone who is very traditional and to a large extent, because he keeps living as if he is living in the 19 hundreds.

Considering the rules that they used to have back in the days but there was a reason for those rules, but it seems like they still apply considering the crime that is happening in the country. We understand why anyone would say that they are shutting the gates at 6 pm and preventing anyone from coming inside, so this has been something that a lot of black families have been practicing because it ensures that everyone was safe.

The father called her sister to remind her the gate will be locked at 6 as usual, this is something that has definitely inspirational for those people who don't know what to do with their time or how to run their household. Because it shows that some of these rules also may be old but they're effective in ensuring that people are safe, because the crime that is happening in the country is seriously problematic.

The sister was not even at her place but she had to come back and they all rushed home, apparently the father further went on to say that if his children come home thry must sleep home.

She has revealed that she wants to visit her sister, and she plans to go straight to her. They rushed to her father's place so quickly, as if they were going to get a beating and at this time she is 30 and her sister is 38 years old, but hey, her dad will always be her dad.

This is something that is practised openly and wildly in the country, and this is something that is truly amazing for a lot of people to even realise.

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