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Theft robbery

SA musician Makhadzi was robbed & shot at by 2 gunmen. Mzansi is saddened

Makhadzi was also the target of gunfire from two masked robbers.

It has been reported that the musician Makhadzi had an undisclosed sum of money taken from her on Saturday at a location where she was scheduled to perform. The suspects wore masks and brandished firearms. 

The males are said to have attempted to shoot her but were unable to do so, according to the accounts. According to Sowetan Live, Makhadzi stated that she has reason to suspect that the two males had their sights set on her. This statement was made in response to a question posed by the publication. Regarding the particulars of the event, there is still a lack of transparency. There will be subsequent disclosures of additional information. 

After Makhadzi did not show up to the family picnic event that was supposed to take place at Ramatlhabama in Mahikeng, it was recently discovered that Makhadzi owed R70,000 to Miga Events. The debt was incurred because Makhadzi did not show up at the event. 

Blogger Musa Khawula is the one who made this information public by posting it on his Twitter account with the following heading: As a result of Makhadzi's absence from the Easter Sunday family picnic event that was held in Mahikeng's Ramatlhabama, the band is now obligated to pay Miga Events the sum of R70,000. 

Two of the Gunmen Makhadzi Will Be Shot While Being Robbed 

In response to the tweet, numerous users of social media expressed their dissatisfaction with musicians who accept money paid in advance but do not show up at the location where they are scheduled to perform. [Case in point:] On the other hand, a number of users on Twitter have defended Makhadzi by asserting that the event was merely postponed due to the inclement weather. 

View the original photograph here. 

Not only has she performed all throughout the country of South Africa, but she has also done so in a number of other countries on the African continent. Many of her fans adore her, and one reason for this is that her music can easily be related to. It is not known at this time whether he was injured during the attempted robbery or whether any of her personal belongings were taken from her. Additionally, it is unknown whether any of his belongings were taken from her. In a similar vein, it is unknown whether, if any, of her husband's possessions were seized from her. There is a strong possibility that he has informed the appropriate authorities about what took place here.

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