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Road Accident

Dashcam shows hoe truck driver almost lost his life by maintaining his right of way

Truck driver almost lost his life by maintaining his right of way, another trucker trying to over take on a curve where by they couldn't see ahead and the other driver was on his right lane the other trucker fails to pick up speed as other car approaches on the on coming lane.

The other truck driver almost lost his life trying to save the careless other driver by making a hard breaking decision on brakes, and his truck tip off while the other truck that was in the wrong lane continues driving away like nothing happened.

According to the Dashcam on the truck that tip off the driver was try to be human enough and save lives, if it wasn't for his good decision people would have lost their lives on the scene because the other truck was speeding.

No serious injuries to the driver that saved lives of the careless trucker, the side tipper lost the load but that can be regained again other than that nothing else was fatal on the scene.

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