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Please be on the lookout for this white Mercedes Benz

It seems that owning a car puts your life at much higher risk in South Africa. Cars get hijacked, stripped down and/or smuggled and sold in foreign countries. There are many causes and reasons why cars get hijacked almost everyday in Mzansi. The laws that are not strict makes it easy for criminals to steal or hijack any car.

Although vehicle hijacking is a worldwide phenomenon, it has increased to such an extent in South Africa that it is currently regarded as one of the countries with the highest hijacking figures in the world. Various factors such as lucrative outlets, national and international organised crime syndicates, inadequate border control, insufficient vehicle identification, corruption, the availability of weapons and limited cooperation between neighbouring countries might contribute to high vehicle hijacking figures.

Hijackings happen daily across the country and South Africans tend to feel at risk on the roads. The Mercedes Benz that is pictured below was hijacked today at Phola Park in Thokoza. The good thing is that the lady that was driving was not hurt or raped by the hijackers. She is safe but her car is gone. Anyone with information can contact the nearest police station for tip-off.

Never sit in your parked vehicle without being conscious of your surroundings. Sleeping in a stationary vehicle is particularly dangerous. When approaching your driveway, be on the lookout for suspicious vehicles/persons. This is very important as most hijackers approach their victims in home driveways. Always keep valuables out of sight too. These tips can help you to not become a hijack victim.

You can also make sure there are no suspicious vehicles in your street when leaving or arriving. Leave your car in reverse while waiting for your gate to close. This might enable you to act quickly if you’re caught by surprise, creating confusion, and buying you more time. After all no one wants to become a hijack victim.

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