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Skeem Saam|| Khwezi visited Pretty in her cell to change her story but Pretty decided to confess

Pretty was arrested for stabbing Lehasa instead of Khwezi. Khwezi tried to finish Lehasa in hospital but she was disturbed. She heard uncle Phomolo asking Peterson to arrange a meet up for him and Pretty. Khwezi knew that Pretty was going to tell the truth to uncle Phomolo so she decided to be a step ahead of him.

She bribed a police officer at night to allow her to see Pretty. When Pretty was fetched from her cell they told her that her lawyer was there to see her. When she arrived she saw Khwezi. She tried to leave but the door was already locked. She had no choice but to listen to her. Khwezi told Pretty what she needed to say to the police so that both their stories would be the same. Pretty was scared so she agreed to everything so that she wouldn't get hurt. In the morning before her bail hearing, she told Kobus and Peterson the truth that Khwezi was the one who stabbed Lehasa.


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