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Bujy says he is joining GBV March because he is also a victim

Bujy Bikwa is accused of making a joke out of GBV following his assault on Boity.

Speaking to the media Bujy said that he does not feel that South Africans understand what GBV is. He said on the night of the altercation everybody thinks that he attacked her because she is a female. He said Boity attached him first and called him derogatory names and consistently reminded him that he is a man and that he should take it. He said he cried when he found out that Boity labeled the assault as a GBV case.

'What shocked me the most was that when I came out of prison 7 days after feeling so bad for throwing that glass and saying that I could've chosen to be a better person, one of the journalists in court said that the statement was released was that she was a victim of GBV I cried so badly' Bujy said.

He said he is joking this walk was moving the silence away from him and also taking ownership. He said men also suffer abuse.

So was he implying that that he is a victim as much as Boity? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section and don't forget to like share and follow me for more entertainment.

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