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Meet The Cop Who Brought The Insurance Killer Into Books, His Hard Work Yielded Good Results

Sergeant Kesh Benneth Mabunda managed to investigate Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu until ultimately bringing her into books.

Doubts were sometimes playing on the mind of the amazing police officer, the investigator police officers were heard telling the media on Friday as he thought his plans to apprehend Ndlovu could backfire. Mabunda started working on the case in 2015, and sometimes he would abandon the file for two to three months but his conscience will urge him to continue. After that, he would start all over again. His hard work paid off on Friday and Mabunda was very proud of himself, as Ndlovu was found guilty of killing six of her loved ones, including family members and also her boyfriend.

Mabunda managed to unveil the gruesome murder of family members from 2012 -2018 where Ndlovu did so to claim from funeral and life policies which she took out on their names. She was found to conspiracy to murder her sister Joyce and her five children and also the attempted murder of her mother. In the case, Mabunda was busy on Ndlovu was found to be guilty of defeating the ends of Justice and defrauding four insurance companies. Mabunda began to suspect when he saw her walk into an office opposite his carrying a pile of insurance policies on which she needed signatures before submitting insurance claims.

Finally, after many years of dedication and sleepless nights, Mabunda and the prosecutor in the case, Riana Williams both received parries from Judge Ramarumo Montana for the amazing and dodgy case they produced. But Williams shifted the applause to Mabunda and said he worked hard to make sure the files did not gather dust in the office. The two made a formidable team, Mabunda acted as the prosecutor's right hand. They would arrive at the court with bags full of documents and worked together through each witness. Another thank you went to Vincent Soko who was Ndlovu's defense attorney, who never gave up though he had thoughts of doing so.

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