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Mr Nxumalo (107) has vowed to love his wife Thabitha Nxumalo (58), until they are separate by death

Mr Cobo Nxumalo (107) has vowed to love his wife Thabitha Nxumalo (58), MaMyeni, until they are separated by death. Last month the SUN reported on the couple's wedding preparations. Mrs Nxumalo is the custodian of the Myeni royal family from which Meneta Nxumalo was born who married Mr Nxumalo.

Meneta passed away in 1984, when the Myeni family met and Tabitha was sent to raise the children of her late sister. She was unlucky not to have children Nxumalo but praised her sister's children for respecting her and giving her love. People came out in large numbers to witness the rally. Others praised Mr Nxumalo for being helpful to the community. They say he has played a significant role in the community, including advising people who have problems with humanity and is likened to a museum by knowing the events that took place in Nongoma and in the area.

“You ask the law…! Do you love him? ”Asked a officer in the square. He was later given the opportunity by Mr Nxumalo and was awaited by many. He nodded briefly and thanked and walked away. Although the foot is no longer high enough, it was obvious what he wanted to do. “I love my wife. I still thank God and our ancestors for this day until I took my wife and placed her in full harmony with my ancestors. Even if the day comes to leave the world I will go free because I leave my wife safe. I will not always be grateful for the love that people show me in this way. I did not expect people to come to this figure.

“Then I started to suspect this after my grandchildren started contacting the newspaper ILANGA, I realized that people would come unexpectedly. I am very humbled by the love my wife gives me, ”he said. Mr Philimon Myeni (58), who led the team from Myeni, said they were very encouraged by what their accountant did. “This is my sister, whom we brought here. After all, the fathers are gone, and we are children. Earlier this year we received a report that a calculator needed us. We got here and he told us he wanted to hang out with my sister. We were happy about that because it was also our wish for my sister to be fully involved in the Nxumalo family, ”said Mr Myeni.

Mrs Nxumalo said: “I am very happy. Thank you to the children at home for making our work so special. Please talk to Nxumalo and do what he says he will do on the wedding day. After all, you have failed miserably in the square. I don't know why they don't ask these people who always call them to come and show them how a young man dances and thanks himself in the square when he gets married, ”said Mrs Nxumalo. Among them are Mr Josiah Myeni (92), Mr Nduke-nhle Nkosi (78) and many others.

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