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New information revealed about the police officer caught sleeping criminal in prison

Some people say that the man was beaten up by the cops, but they don't know for sure. Officer: Later, when there was only one police officer and a handcuffed man in the van, the officer asked the man to stand on his knees. 

So, the constable is said to have turned the man around and raped him from behind, so this is what happened. 

The cop from Nyanga, Cape Town, who is 31 years old, has been taken away. 

People who work for Ipid say police were called to Junction Mall on December 2 because security guards thought someone was going to take clothes from the Jet store. 

As soon as Langa saw the police, he was put in the back of the van, she said. 

It is Browns Farm "They took him to a branch office of Brown's Farm. Then the police passengers got out, and he and the driver went to the Nyanga Police Station with the driver." 

a female police officer was picked up by the driver and brought to the meeting place. The driver dropped her off at Crossroads, where she was. 

After they arrived at the airport, they're said to have driven together to some trees near the airport, where he's said to have opened the door of the car. 

In the police car, he told the man to kneel down and be raped by the police officer, 

There, he put on civilian clothes and went to his home in Khayelitsha. He then took the victim home to Gugulethu. 

The victim called Langa and asked for help from Langa's cousin, who is a police officer. Langa says that this is what happened. Afterwards, he came over to his house, where he told him what had happened there. 

"A member of the South African Police Service who works at the Nyanga Police Station was arrested and held," she told her.

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