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Can men be sexually harassed ? - a dissection.

Can men be sexually harassed ? - a dissection.

Sexual harassment - Persistent attacks and criticism causing worry and distress, sexually. ( English dictionary).

Sexual harassment is a very bad phenomenon in society, and the worst part is that people still describe it or define it as something that affects women only. This is a social construct that needs to be deconstructed and unlearned. The world needs to know that as much as women are harassed, so are men. Sexual harassment does not choose any gender, sex, social class, level of income, beauty standard or who one is known as. It can absolutely affect anyone and everyone.

Therefore, man can be sexually harassed and the main reason why they do not often come out is because it defies normality. It defies what society finds true and normal.

In conclusion, both women and men can be sexually harassed in workplaces, schools or even online in this digital age.

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