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Haibo| Women gets attacked for wearing traditional attire on heritage Day, "She's embrassing"

Women got slammed and laughed at by people after wearing traditional clothes on heritage day, Says she's embrassing herself.

- A page which goes by the name of @AllthatisBBW, Recently shared a photo of a women who was wearing traditional clothes on heritage Day. The women was confident enough to can share her photos on social media.

- After Sharing the photos on social media, the photo blew up on twitter, and many people felt disrespected as what the women was wearing was inappropriate and not a traditional attire. Many asked on what culture was she cause they have never seen one like the one she was wearing before.

- Twitter users dragged her and asked her if she was doing this for attention on social media. Some of the people went to a point were they defended her and told the others about the attire.

According to Dr Thabizolo, The attire is for the IsiZulu tribe and that is what Zulu maidens used to wear, beads.

A lot of people were fazed by her attire as they went on to put negative comments on twitter on the comments section, So they could make her feel uncomfortable. Here are some of the comments people said about her.

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- To see the whole picture without blurring click below.


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