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Watch : Armed Suspects Rob Hair Dressers At A Salon In Alex

The video footage shows an incident where about five perpetrators of crimes with pistols and they are pulling off a robbery on employees of a Hair saloon, this has made people wonder about the reasons why the suspects would perpetrator a robbery on a local business which is serving the community.

It seems like the perpetrators of crimes do not think about other people to an extent where they should be doing criminal activities not on the community members that they have to face every day, It is becoming quite clear that Alexandra is a very dangerous plaxe to be in because every day robberies and killings are happening and it is become such a challenge for the community members because they fear for their lives.

The suspects could be seen accessing the premises one by one and then they preceded to pull out their pistols and hold up the staff of the shop, after getting people to cooperate and give them the possessions the suspects then proceeded to try to get more goods and after which they fled the scene in an unknown direction the occupants of the saloon did not try to follow because the suspects were armed and dangerous.

The police are urging urging ordinary members of the public who might have information to the whereabouts of the suspects to come forward and give up that information so that the suspects can be brought to justice, however most of the people do not even give any information about the whereabouts of suspects and that is a concern to the society because other peoples fall victim to the criminal activities of people who are friends with criminals and they don’t do anything to stop it.

The suspects are clearly armed and dangerous and we can rest assured that they are very much intimate with the local people, so they pulled off this robbery knowing very well how the setup is going to be like It is shameful that these kind of criminals can be found in our society because ordinary members of the public work very hard for their goods.

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