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A Heartbreaking Video Of How South African Illegal Mines Operates. A Total DISBELIEF.


There's a heartbreaking video that have been dropped on the internet, and it has got many people thinking how are those people coping, they are working that hard. It has been said that most people who are working at the illegal mines, are the one that was stolen from their locations while they were still here. There are so many people who are going around stealing children just so they can take them and use them as their slaves. They really need to stop with what they are doing because they should know that those people that they are treating bad are someone's kids.

A video that was posted has shown many people that if they lost their loved one's due to that, then that might be what they are going through every day. It looks like those people are not really feeling sympathy for what they are doing to those kids that they are stealing on the street. This is showing that some people are so heartless, that's why it is more important for every parent to make sure that they look after their kids, just so they don't experience the same situation.

It has ended in tears for many people because they have failed to look after the kids until this kind of people come through and do their job. They know very well that every kid that they're feeling will make them more money since he's working for them. We don't really know where it will run away from all that because it looks like it's all over the place is. Just imagine stealing someone's kid and then you take him to go a work for hard labor because you won't even care about him because he is not you son or your family members. It has been said that many people are dying at the illegal mines because they are not so safe with what they are working with.

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