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Foreigner’s tuck shop in SA exposed, after a customer found this inside the bottle of Fanta Orange

South Africans should be on high alert, and very cautious about the products they buy from the tuck shops owned by foreign nationals in South Africa. This happened, after some of the Somalians were exposed for illegal selling of fake products. These fake products are hazardous, since their chemicals which they are made from were not tested for safer consumption by human beings. People are not aware of the danger they are subjecting themselves to. South Africans from townships should be careful of what they buy from foreign national owned tuck shops. This is illegal and heavy investigations should be conducted, to get to the bottom of this matter. A picture that went viral showing the production of fake soft drinks behind closed doors, in the foreign owned tuck shops has left shock in the hearts of many South Africans. People started sharing different fake products they bought from such stores.

South Africans on twitter, have been complaining about the foreign national owned tuck shops that continue to sell fake products to the citizens. This is illegal, and people can succumb form consuming these products, since they were not scientifically tested to be safe for human consumption. A man shared a picture of a soft drink he recently bought at a foreign national owned tuck shop. The unexpected was found inside the bottle of this Fanta Orange and people are not pleased at all. This is a clear indication that these drinks are manufactured and bottled by these owners, and their practices are illegal. 

Inside this Fanta Orange, there is a red plastic that can be spotted. This plastic was sealed when the liquid was poured into this bottle. This is because the cap of the bottle does not look open and the liquid inside is still full. This is shocking, since people are going to drink what they are not supposed to be drinking, which can be hazardous to their health. Image


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