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I Loved Sports And Athletics But Found Myself Conserving Nature

Ntshembo Comfort Maluleke, a 26 year old young woman born and bred in Watervaal just outside Elim in the Limpopo Province South Africa. Ntshembo attended her high school in Hoerskool Louistritchard and matriculated in the year 2013, We get to know who she is and what she's about. Ms. Maluleke describes herself as a dynamic and friendly human being, loves helping where she can and is an open minded individual who loves exploring and taking calculated risks. We get to know more about Conserving nature, what its all about what it takes and the challenges nature conservationists face on a daily basis.

"I was well known as somebody who loved sports as I would participate in sports namely netball and athletics, at the same time I was elected as a representative for the (LEC) Learners executive committee) in my eleventh grade. In the year 2014 I was forced to drop out of school after the passing of one of my guardians and furthermore I took a two year gap as I was unable to cope emotionally, I returned to school in the year 2017 and that's where I decided to persuade an advance Diploma in Nature Conservation in the Tshwane University of Technology. I chose to study the course simply because even an athlete I was more passionate about animals, I loved animals and I felt as though I had a responsibility of making sure animals are well taken care of in terms of protection and preserving them".

Being an Environmental conservationist/educator entails public speaking, In most cases nature conservers and educators often visit local schools with intentions of educating pupils about nature and how to take good care of their environment as well as offering guidance in career choices in the environmental studies.

"We have cleaning campaigns for different schools and communities, sometimes we also create competitions where we clean the environment and use the collected rubbish to create different types of animals and as part of the initiative of educating and teaching people how to conserve the environment, by encouraging people not to stop looking after the environment.

As fun as the job sounds it comes with its challenges, Comfort explains how being on the field and carrying out her duties as a conservationist is like. "We are expected to be at work from 06:00am to monitor the animals at their artificial water points, we are expected to do head counts, check for injuries. We also inspect the fence to make sure we don't have holes in which the animals could possibly use to escape the reserve or poachers may use to gain access to the reserve". The occupation sounds more suitable for men however regardless of that Ntshembo excels in what she does.

We all know that every other occupation comes with its perks and responsibilities, Comfort explains what's expected of her as a nature conservationist"

"Between March and May I conduct a vegetation survey on the grass to assess if there's enough and if they palatable, it helps maintain the plantation as sometimes we are required to burn the grass out if there's just too much and sometimes its to help quicken the process of new grass coming out for the animals to eat. We also do game counts once a year because we want to keep record of the number of animals we have in the reserve, If ever the population has increased we engage in what is called culling(Killing the animals to maintain population) and sell the meat to nearby villagers and towns or communities. We also do foot patrols or ambush patrols where we face poachers head on, sometimes we do game drives where we educate our visitors about the different animals and their behavior patterns, we share interesting information on plants and trees we have in the reserve and most importantly make sure water supply never runs out as the animals depend a lot on the water to survive".

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Hoerskool Maluleke Ntshembo Watervaal


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